Big D’s Dog Training was founded in the late 1960’s, by Cooper the most acomplished Handler/Trainer in the Dog World. Big D’s started with a young man and a dog walking route. Becoming what it is today. A full service dog training company: service dogs (Allergen Detector, Helping Paws, and Helping Ears), working dogs (Bomb, Drug, & Search and Rescue, detector Dogs), obedience training, field training and conformation handling to animal behavior and grooming.The goal of Big D’s Dog Training is to educate and assist clients with a multitude of dog training needs.Big D’s can proudly say that they have the only Master instructor who has a education in Animal Science and practical dog world.  Big D's Master Trainer "Cooper" is recognized Internationally as a behaviorist, handler, and instructor. We would like to help any and all we can!
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Dog clients are responsible for any and all actions and expenses related to their dog entries, handling, and all medical, preand post Big D's Dog Training activity. Big D's can not be held responsible for environmental accident or contagions.
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